9 Ways To Help Your Kids Manage Stress During the Lockdown

9 Ways To Help Your Kids Manage Stress During the Lockdown

With COVID-19 taking a toll on our lives, and social distancing, isolation, quarantine, vaccine, and other similar words becoming a part of our regular conversation, somewhere our kids are also going through a lot of stress like us, the grown-ups.

Helping Kids Deal With Stress During the Lockdown

Although isolation, physical, and social distancing is the new normal, it has led to immense physical and psychological pressure on the kids. Right from their academic calendar and summer vacations to the way of their lives, everything has turned upside-down. Plus, the introduction of online classes and restricted contact with their buddies and relatives have left them in a tough situation. As per the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention), small kids and teenagers are more prone to the Corona-induced crisis. 

We know that as a parent, understanding what your child is going through emotionally can be quite tricky because most kids either fail or ignore communicating their feelings. However, for every problem, there is a solution. And, when it comes to solving any issue, you need to get to the root of it and understand it in the first place. Here are the signs you need to notice to understand if your child is going to emotional stress – 

  • If your child’s sleeping pattern seems irregular, if he/she sleeps more or less than usual, it could be a possible sign that he/she is suffering from stress.
  • Loss of appetite or increased craving for food is also a sign of depression….

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