35 Best Low-Carb Snacks – ever!! 0

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These are my favourite best low-carb snacks. They are absolutely delicious and fun to make!

The best part? They’re all under 10g net carbs, most are almost ZERO carbs so are keto-friendly too.

The best low-carb and keto snacks … just got better.

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Do You Snack All The Time?

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Why do we snack? Hunger, boredom, taste, habit?

The majority of people snack too often, and snack on all the wrong foods.

Maybe you’re hungry all-the-time? Why?

Because if you are living on the standard high-carb low-fat diet, your hunger is constantly being triggered (from the carbs, sugars and grains) and you are not satiated between meals (because you’re not enjoying the higher healthy fats that keen you sustained).

But the good news is, when you learn how to start low-carb you can finally understand what has been sabotaging your appetite.

Learning how to control your appetite is the biggest hurdle for anyone who wants to control their weight.

By eating low-carb and higher fat, you are sustained for longer and no longer have those low sugar crashes after you eat something sweet. Your focus turns to nutrition rather than hunger.

Best Low-Carb Snacks

best low-carb snacks collage showing nuts and cheese

When you want to snack, it is vital to have some healthy snacks at hand.

What makes a good low carb snack?

Obviously something low in sugar, but also no wheat or…

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