AFPA Graduate of the Month: Charlotte Miller, Holistic Nutritionist

AFPA Graduate of the Month: Charlotte Miller, Holistic Nutritionist

During the last 26 years, we’ve certified over 119,000 health, nutrition, and fitness professionals. Each month, we recognize one of our distinguished graduates who use what they have learned to inspire others and make a difference. Meet our graduate for the month of July, Charlotte Miller, an AFPA certified holistic nutritionist.

How did you originally become interested in health and wellness?

Since I was a young girl, my mother always taught me the importance of taking care of my body. But I fought eating healthy for a long time. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 14 and continued to eat a “standard American diet.” Then, I developed negative side effects. I really dove into the health and wellness world at the age of 16 when I decided it was time to take charge of my health and learn!

Which certification did you choose? Why did you choose AFPA?

I chose to become a certified holistic nutritionist. After blogging for two years, I wanted to gain confidence in the information I shared with my followers. This certification did just that!

What was your career like prior to getting certified?

In 2017, I graduated from university with a degree in Business and Marketing. I was listed with an agency in Atlanta, working as a model in Fashion and Lifestyle genres. In addition, I began to work as a personal chef and assistant to clients in the city. These career paths helped me to become aware of the importance of filling my own body with nutritious foods to…

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