Fat Burning Hormones: Key to Weight Loss?

Fat Burning Hormones: Key to Weight Loss?

Although you might think there are only one or two hormones that control fat burning, that just isn’t true. There are about seven hormones that can have a direct effect on the many pathways that are involved in fat-burning control! Many of these hormones can be influenced by the food you eat, and the exercise you do. If you are not in control of these important hormones, the only result you will get is substantial fat gain! Read below to find out what these hormones are and how you can take advantage of them to maximize your fat burning and get you the lean body you are after!

#1 – Insulin: Secreted by the pancreas and released whenever we eat food that contains glucose, basically any carbohydrate. When it comes to building muscle, insulin is an anabolic, muscle-building hormone that is key post-workout. This “anabolic” muscle-building hormone can trigger nutrient delivery to muscles. But, once the muscles are full, glucose is then shuttled directly to fat to be stored! What’s more, this process halts fat burning. To help control insulin for muscle building and to prevent fat storage, be sure to eat your carbohydrates with a source of protein, which can reduce your insulin response and keep you lean and muscular.

#2 – Glucagon: The pancreas also secretes this peptide hormone in an effort to raise blood glucose levels. It acts directly opposite to insulin, and while insulin stores carbohydrates and fat, glucagon breaks down stored body fat and fuels fat…

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