BLT Pasta Salad with Creamy Garlic-Herb Dressing


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This BLT Pasta Salad recipe is perfect as a side dish or main course, and is smothered in a creamy and tangy mayo-based garlic and herb dressing. It’s easy to make ahead of time for potlucks, picnics, or BBQs, and it only takes 25 minutes to make!

Close-up photo of BLT pasta salad.

This pasta salad recipe has all the flavors you love about BLT sandwiches- thick-cut bacon, crisp romaine lettuce, and sweet tomatoes- smothered in a creamy mayo-based dressing. You’re going to love how easily this comes together and how delicious it tastes!

You only need one bowl and 25 minutes for this easy recipe. While the bacon is cooking, it’s easy to save time and prep the remaining ingredients and mix the dressing.

Serve this easy BLT pasta salad recipe at your next BBQ or party- it would be perfect for the Fourth of July!

Ingredients and Substitutions

  • Macaroni- another small-medium pasta shape may be used, such as farfalle (bowties), penne, rotini, shells, etc. You can also use gluten-free, whole wheat, or grain-free (such as chickpea) pasta.
  • Bacon- I love thick-cut hickory smoked bacon, but you can use any kind, including turkey bacon or a vegetarian/vegan bacon substitute.
  • Romaine lettuce- another kind of crisp, crunchy lettuce, such as iceberg or any green leaf lettuce will work. You can use mixed baby greens or baby spinach in a pinch.
  • Mayo- mayonnaise is the base…

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