11 Marathon Training Secrets Every Runner Should Know

11 Marathon Training Secrets Every Runner Should Know

Marathon training is a whole new ballgame for most runners. It’s not simply doubling up on mileage from half marathon training, it requires a whole lot more because your body needs so much more to remain, strong, healthy and injury free.

Have you ever been rushing in to the house, arms loaded with groceries and bladder ready to explode {because somehow the urge to go always appears near home}…when people burst from behind the couch yelling “surprise”?

Suddenly you forget the need to go..well or you go, regardless it’s not a moment you’ll forget anytime soon…that my friends is the marathon.

Not the pee..well maybe the pee…but mostly the adrenaline.

Transformation of fear to awe, people celebrating you and lots of food!

Marathon training is about so much more than finding the perfect 16 week marathon training plan (if that’s even enough time!). I hope what you’ll find here are tools to get you through all the miles.

Marathon Training Tips

It sounds impossible to smile for 26.2 miles and honestly maybe that’s not even the goal when we talk about enjoying marathon training and race day. Though as you’ll see below there’s some pretty great science around smiling to make it all feel easier.

How do beginners train for a marathon?

I know you’re looking for a training plan, but it requires so much more than just 16 weeks of running a prescribed amount of miles.

Utilize this article and these additional tools to help you find a good plan to follow.


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