What are They Trying to Tell Us and How to Overcome Them

What are They Trying to Tell Us and How to Overcome Them

An uncontrollable pang for a certain type of food is something that everyone has gone through at some point. Be it at 3 am for some ice cream or at 7 pm for some junk food, we have all been there, haven’t we? Especially now, with the social distancing and extended lockdowns those food cravings just have to stay unfulfilled, waiting to be fulfilled in the days to come when everything becomes safe. Food cravings come in all shapes and sizes but unfortunately they are all ill-timed. You might have just had a heavy meal, but you have this overwhelming craving for something sweet, “this is bizarre” you start to wonder, but in actual not so much. Food cravings are actually a way of your body signaling that it is in need of a certain nutrient. But, before we get into the meaning of each craving, let us first understand what are the factors that cause this overwhelming desire.

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5 Factors that Cause Cravings 

Several factors contribute to the sudden onset of a craving and understanding them is the first step to control that unpredictable appetite. Here are some main causes of cravings and a few helpful tips for overcoming them. 

1. Lack of sleep

Our bodies renew our energy when we sleep and when we don’t get sufficient sleep, the body’s hormonal balance is altered. This imbalance then drives your body to eat more to keep your energy levels high, thereby triggering cravings. During this time, the cravings are most often for sweet items, as the sugar…

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