If the Covid-19 Virus Could Talk, What Would It Say and Will We Listen?

If the Covid-19 Virus Could Talk, What Would It Say and Will We Listen?

As I said in a recent article, “The Meaning of
Covid-19: How to Survive and Thrive in the New Partnership Culture,”
old system is dying and a new one is coming into being. The old system has been
around for a while 10,000 years or so and began when environmental change
brought about serious drought that lasted for generations. It caused people to
believe their only hope for survival in the future was to control and dominate
the natural world. This led to the domestication of plants and animals,
hierarchies with strong men at the top, wars to control land and resources, and
what we call “civilization.” It supplanted a two-million-year-old tribal way of
life that had served humans well. 

We’ve been on a destructive path for thousands of years. I
suggest that the Covid-19 virus may be our final warning to change our ways or
become extinct. If the virus could talk to us, what might it say? Will you

Can we talk? You humans are always in such a rush, but
lately, you’ve decided to stay at home. Maybe you’ll be a little more receptive
to hearing me. I hope so, I’ve got a lot I’ve been wanting to talk to you
about. We may be small, but we’re mighty.

First off, it would help us communicate better if you got my
name right. Most everything I hear and see in the news calls me, “Covid-19.”
That’s not accurate. 

My official name is “Severe Acute Respiratory…

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