Some Men Who Cry Seen As More Manly, Says Study

Some Men Who Cry Seen As More Manly, Says Study

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Are you a man who avoids crying in public? Do you hold back tears of sadness or joy, worried about how you’ll be perceived?  Have you been taught to believe that real men don’t cry?

If the answer is yes, I’d like you to revisit your assumptions. That’s because a recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology has revealed some men who cry are viewed more manly than you think.

You may be wondering who these men are? Well, what if I told you they were athletes and firefighters? Yep, that’s right, two roles that have historically been tied to masculinity.

The Study

For this investigation, Heather MacArthur, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Hamilton Psychology in New York, assessed how some people perceive guys who cry in specific situations, such as competitive sports or firefighting.

She conducted two studies. Each involved vignettes of men in specific roles. Some of the stories involved firefighters. Others involved weightlifters. And still, others were about nurses and skaters.

All were rated for their masculine and feminine traits by randomly assigned participants. The results showed that the weightlifters and firefighters were viewed as emotionally stronger and more masculine than the skaters and nurses.

Remember, we are talking about crying weightlifters and firefighters.

Here is how MacArthur explained the outcome: “Overall, these results support my initial hypothesis that observers would view men’s…

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