What Is the Anxiety Circle and How to Break It

What Is the Anxiety Circle and How to Break It


What is the circle of anxiety? The circle of anxiety is the loop of actions that take place that cause you to be worried and anxious over and over again.

Although anxiety disorders seem complicated on the outside, the process can be summed up in 3 simple stages;

  1. Thoughts
  2. Feelings
  3. Behavior

Each of these 3 stages contributes to the next which leads to a circle effect as it goes round and round making it seem like it’s impossible to break.

It can be hard to notice these 3 stages of the anxiety circle when it’s happening to you personally. In my own personal experience with my anxiety disorder, I was never really aware of each of these 3 stages taking place. I knew how I felt, but my mind was always so muddled that I couldn’t see them clearly.

I think you must become mindful and self-aware of these 3 processes if you stand a chance at healing your anxiety. I think that by breaking the anxiety down into 3 simple stages, it allows you to start filling in the gaps and gives you that chance you need to start seeing how you feel and behave.

Let’s start from the top;


This is the start of the circle. Your thoughts are what start the process off. You begin by thinking to yourself many unhelpful thoughts and worries. Whether someone says something to you that makes you feel uneasy, or you’re worried about an upcoming event, you start to think about all of the different scenarios in your mind.

This is a delicate stage and one that many struggles with. I myself…

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