Easy Cilantro Lime Dressing Recipe

pouring cilantro lime dressing onto a blueberry, corn & quinoa salad

Anyone remember my blueberry avocado quinoa salad from last year? So fresh and full of flavor thanks to juicy plump blueberries, sweet summer corn, creamy avocado and an absolutely amazing cilantro lime dressing.

Today, I’m sharing the recipe for the dressing because it is FABULOUS. Toss it in a pasta salad, pour it over roasted veggies or quinoa, or even use it as a marinade for your favorite seafood and meats. Plus I’ve got an option to make it creamy, using either greek yogurt or avocado — you’re going to LOVE it, I promise!

Ingredients in cilantro lime dressing

This simple cilantro lime dressing recipe uses just 6 main ingredients, plus options to customize and make it even creamier. You’ll need:

  • Cilantro: for the fresh base of this dressing.
  • Olive oil: to help blend everything together and coat your salad, veggies, chicken or fish.
  • Fresh lime juice: I recommend squeezing a lime to get the perfect amount of acidity.
  • Honey: for a bit of natural sweetness. You can also use pure maple syrup to keep this vegan.
  • Garlic: who doesn’t love a little garlic in their dressing? YUM.
  • Jalapeño: I love the kick of heat from jalapeño in this dressing. Just be sure to de-seed it, or omit it if you’re sensitive to spice.
  • Salt & pepper: to bring out all of the flavors.

If you want an even more creamy cilantro lime dressing feel free to add Greek yogurt or avocado!

ingredients for cilantro lime dressing in a blender

How to make cilantro lime dressing

You’ll simply add all of the ingredients to a blender or

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