Master Your Mental Game with Justin Su’a

mental training

We’re all seeking an edge in our running to reach new levels of ability. Today we’re exploring powerful ways to help you train your mind – and reach the final frontiers of your performance.

Mental fitness is much like physical fitness – it can be trained, practiced, and improved.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of it in virtually any aspect of your life. That’s why we dedicated an entire year to mastering your mindset!

When we seek to improve something, we often focus on the massive shifts and sexy outcomes. It’s fun to envision the race win or the promotion, but we are bound to have setbacks.

How we deal with those failures is vital to our longterm success with any pursuit. It’s through learning from each experience, good or bad, that we are able to gradually adjust and get better.

This growth mindset is what allows for incremental improvements. And in the words of a Tanzanian proverb:

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Justin Su’a to help us understand how impactful our mindsets are. Justin is a Mental Performance Coach working with the military and elite athletes all over the world to help them build mental toughness and create a culture of excellence.

Justin Su’a Working with the Pros

Justin is currently the Mental Performance and Leadership Coach with the Tampa Bay Rays, a major league baseball team. Prior to that, he worked for the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Browns. He works with both…

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