Baby 2 Second Trimester Update

Baby 2 Second Trimester Update

Now that I am a few weeks past the halfway point of pregnancy I thought I’d give an update. I had my first in-person doctor’s visit in 2 months at the end of May—the big 20-week ultrasound—and thankfully everything looked good. My tiny boy is measuring on track for a September due date, just like his big brother. Does anyone have kids with the same birthday or very close dates?

For the past month or so, I have been in nesting mode, cleaning and organizing every space I can. I even sorted all of our newborn clothes. I have done deep cleans of our windows, basement, bathrooms, and the new baby’s room. I know I will have to do it all again before the baby comes, but it’s been calming for me to have a project.


I talked about this in my first trimester recap but the nausea during this pregnancy has been intense. I kept expecting it to let up around 13 weeks, like it did with James, but no such luck. It wasn’t until I hit the 20 week mark (the halfway point of pregnancy) that I noticed it coming less frequently. I still occasionally get nauseous, usually in the late afternoons/early evenings, but eating something helps. The new symptom I’m dealing with is acid reflux, which is terrible, but I’m hanging in there.

As for my appetite, well, I’m still feeling insatiable. Strong hunger and strong cravings. A similar thing happened during my pregnancy with James, which is why I gained most of my weight during the first half…

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