Can You Smell the Coronavirus?

Can You Smell the Coronavirus?

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Can You Smell the Coronavirus?

Can’t taste the bacon
cooking on the stove? Bad news. Don’t enjoy your favorite sweet and salty
snacks the way you used to? Bad news. Didn’t notice that unpleasant aroma? Also
bad news!

Trouble with smelling and
tasting have recently been identified as one of the possible symptoms of
coronavirus. There has been an increase in evidence suggesting that the loss of
sense of smell, known medically as anosmia, may be a symptom of COVID-19. It
also can be accompanied by a loss of taste. This however is not surprising, one
of the frequent symptoms of viral infections is the loss of sense of smell, and
COVID-19 is a cause by a virus.

With limited published data
and the fast pace of what we are learning about this nasty novel coronavirus
it’s important to stay alert to new information to help you and your loved ones
stay healthy. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that so many
people may not have obvious symptoms, or may have very subtle symptoms, and
still may be carrying the virus and appear “healthy”. So while these folks feel
and look healthy they still could be carrying the virus and unknowingly
spreading it to others. Now that is really bad news! Social distancing, hand
washing are the way to reduce this danger.

If you or someone you…

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