What a 24-Hour Free Counseling Hotline Can Help You With

What a 24-Hour Free Counseling Hotline Can Help You With

A 24-hour hotline can help those who are in crisis or those who need someone to talk to as soon as possible. Even in a world where most try to communicate through the Internet, there is still a place for these hotlines. Let’s take a look at what therapy services a 24-hour hotline can give you and which ones to call.

What Are These Hotlines?

Online therapy has been rising in popularity, offering you different types of counseling remotely. However, one form of remote therapy that has been around for a while is a 24-hour hotline, or a crisis hotline.

These are numbers, usually toll-free, that can help those in need. When you cannot or don’t want to talk at home, many of these hotlines also have texting services as well.

When you think of a crisis hotline, you may imagine a suicide hotline, which you’re supposed to talk to when you’re feeling like taking your life. However, suicide hotlines are not the only services offered by crisis hotlines. These numbers can help you other issues you’d expect out of free counseling.

The People There Are Typically Not Therapists

The people who staff these hotlines are trained to listen, give advice, and provide you with resources needed for your problems, but they are usually not licensed therapists. However, they are educated, trained, and can help connect you to other trained professionals. They are specially trained in active listening, where they listen along and offer advice without seeming to talk over you.

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