Running Your First Half Marathon

Running Your First Half Marathon

If we knew all the obstacles we’d face, it’s unlikely we’d ever start.

Which is why in some respects, I’m glad I didn’t know that it was crazy to go from “I can’t run a mile” to “what, a road trip for a half marathon, I’m in!

If you’d told me in 2002, as I crossed the finish line of my first race ever, the Rock N Roll Nashville half marathon, “Amanda from here out you’ll be running 1600 miles a year and at least 8 marathons”. I’d have found a hole to crawl in because that was fun but too hard to imagine doing x2!18 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My First Half Marathon - running lessonsOn the other hand, there’s a lot that would have saved me some mental anguish. So to answer your questions about how to have your best half marathon (or best race in general) here are 18 of the things I wish I’d known about how to train for a half marathon as a beginner.

18 First Half Marathon Tips

Obviously after 15+ years running, I have a LOT to say on the topic. That means there’s tons of links for you to dive in to the topics that are most helpful for you to have your best race.

Most of these lessons apply to running any new distance, but are one’s that I found especially pertinent to the half marathon.

Slow Down
Push yourself, it’s race day after all, but when you find yourself hitting paces you never saw in training take a breath and reel it back in. It’s easy for even experienced runners to get swept up in the excitement of the thousands of runners, the cheers and the idea that race day is finally here.

But, you…

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