Join In On Team Training Workouts At Home

Join In On Team Training Workouts At Home

Working out at home can be a blast, especially when Team Training is involved. We have loved bringing our high-energy Team Training sessions right into your home, and—if you haven’t had the chance to try one yet—today we want to show you where you can find the workouts.

What Is Team Training

In our gyms, we have taken the idea of personal training and re-imagined it as a team exercise. Our Team Training rooms are equipped with incline trainers, weights, TRX ropes, and other equipment to get you a full-body workout. At the heart of these workouts, though, are HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and resistance training. Each member will start either on the strength or cardio section, complete the exercise of the day, and then swap sections. By swapping your section throughout the workout, our coaches ensure that you get a full-body workout in less than an hour. In each session, an experienced coach is there to guide you through your workout and help you blast through your calories for the day. Our coaches are the ultimate best bud, there to push you to your limits, ensure proper form, and create a well-rounded exercise routine just for you.

 What Is Chuze On-Demand

Now, you can find the high-energy Team Training workouts led by your favorite coaches right on our website for free. With Chuze On-Demand, we bring your favorite workouts directly to your living room. From Group exercise workouts and family exercises to yoga and strength—we have got your…

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