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Wow. What a crazy couple months, huh? I’m sure I’m not the only one that has felt all the highs and all the lows in the last little while.

It felt like a good time to check in with a Friday Thoughts post. How are you doing??

I have a couple things that have been on my mind to share today…but as always, I’m mostly excited to hear from YOU. This post is long; I blame it on the pain meds (see below). If you make it through, you deserve some Ghirardelli chocolate chips.

1. Gum Surgery: I’ve had some gum recession on my front lower teeth for a long time, but lucky me, it decided to get significantly worse over the last year (most likely from my incessantly hard brushing habits + orthodontic work which apparently can cause gum recession to get worse due to teeth moving). I was finally able to get in with a periodontist now that our state is gradually reopening, and due to the bone deterioration underneath the recession, I was ushered into gum graft surgery pretty quickly (two days ago).

You guys, OUCH.

They cut open about two inches in the roof of my mouth and extracted tissue to graft onto my front lower teeth. I have six stitches in the roof of my mouth and more stitches holding the graft in place…and a couple other stitches on another top tooth that had an overgrowth of bone/gum. I’d show you pictures, but it is gruesome. My face is really swollen and bruised. And the inside of my mouth is pretty raw and frightening.

{Cam has parked her little buns on the guest bed…

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