How to Create Written Content People Want to Read

How to Create Written Content People Want to Read

Imagine these two all-too-common scenarios.

Scenario 1:

Your health coaching client receives a push notification on their phone. “New: You’ve Got a Newsletter from Your Health Coach!” Without even opening it, he pushes DELETE. 

Scenario 2: 

A woman is browsing the web in search of information online about mindful eating. She comes across dozens of blog posts written by nutritionists, health coaches, foodies, and doctors. Among the choices is the blog you wrote detailing your experience with mindful eating, but you don’t get a click from her—not even the title catches her attention. 

Clearly, both scenarios described above are precisely what you want to avoid after you’ve invested time and money into creating content that is meant to drive engagement and sales.  

If you feel like this is happening to you, and your digital marketing strategy has a sales component driven by content engagement, then it is time to revise your strategy. 

In this article, we will provide three critical coach-centered tips that will help you create written content people not only want to read but that they will also want to engage with and share. 

Create a Brand Voice and Tone (and Stick to It)

Through your writing, clients and potential clients are getting to know you and your brand. A consistent brand voice will help people understand, absorb, and, ultimately, recognize your brand easily. Additionally, you help to express confidence in your brand. With an authentic, dependable voice…

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