FitMenCook App NOW Available –

FitMenCook App NOW Available -

Four months in the making, the new Fit Men Cook is now available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. If you’d like for us to develop it on Android, please show your support by joining our newsletter list here.

The launch day wildly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the support by FitMenCook readers, we made it to the #4 in app in the entire App Store.

Here’s a quick tour of what you’ll find inside the app:

The best of FitMenCook

There are four parts to our food philosophy:

  1. Food should be easy to prepare and affordable
  2. Food should be vibrant and tasty, never boring
  3. Preparing food ahead of time is important
  4. Following 1 to 3 helps you stick to your healthy eating goals

These four principles have gone into the FitMenCook app, which contains 121 of the best Fit Men Cook recipes.

Recipe pics from the app

Grocery shopping made easy

This is the feature everyone has been getting the most excited about. With a few taps you can add ingredients to your shopping list. The app will intelligently combine similar ingredients and organise everything by aisle to save you time on the next trip to the grocery store. You can also add any additional items you need to pickup.

Shopping list GIF

Reach your fitness goals

Each recipe inside the app contains calorie and macronutrient breakdown. The app integrates with the Apple Health app so you can easily track your caloric intake and reach your fitness goals. You simply select how many servings of a recipe you’ve had and then you tap “Add to Apple Health…

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