Why Do I Run Slower on A Treadmill?

Why Do I Run Slower on A Treadmill?

Those who have been around these parts for awhile, know that I love treadmill running. It’s a fantastic tool for so many reasons and since I’ve talked ad nauseam about the benefits of treadmill running today I’ll stick simply to your common question.

Why Do I Run Slower on A Treadmill?

There are a few common causes:

  • Change in your running form
  • Lack of variety in your pace
  • Utilizing the same muscles for the whole run
  • Poor treadmill calibration
  • Mental dislike of the treadmill

Treadmill Running Form

While your running form should be the same as outside, many runners tend to run too far forward on the treadmill. The result is that you change your gait and alter your stride.

  • Aim to be in the middle of the belt
  • Your arms shouldn’t be hitting the console, that means you’re too far forward
  • Keep your shoulders back and standing tall. If you’re looking down at a screen you could be hunching over.
  • Think about your strides in terms of cadence, you want a quick turn over.

Lack of Variety in Your Pace

When running outside, you’ll naturally find your pace changes a little from mile to mile as you run uphill or blessedly downhill, whether you have wind or are simply stopping to cross a street.

The treadmill setting means that unless you are varying the incline, you’re running a constant speed and using the same muscles for the entire run. While I think it’s an AMAZING way to teach yourself pacing, it could at times make the run feel harder or slower if you are used…

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