I’m only 5lbs from my hard goal, and wanted to say thank you plus give an update. : loseit

I'm only 5lbs from my hard goal, and wanted to say thank you plus give an update. : loseit

I posted here a while ago to get my motivation going, and today I want to post an update. I’m on mobile so sorry if formatting is messed up. I tried, I swear. My starting weight was somewhere around 199. I made a goal of 140 with a hard goal of 135. I’m currently at 140 and it’s been a year and five months. http://imgur.com/a/h7psMM4 There’s my current progress. This sub helped me realize that the only magic pill was calorie counting. I stopped worrying so much about what I was eating and shifted my mindset to how many calories I was intaking instead. I bought a food scale, charged up my fitbit, and bought a scale as well. For the first three or so months I barely worked out, and if I did it was just walking to get 10k steps. It was honestly a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I felt incredibly encouraged because I basically began seeing instant results on the scale. The lower the number on the scale though the lower my intake was so I basically started exercing to increase my TDEE, and it’s been smooth sailing honestly, although some days it does feel overwhelmeding to think about things in terms of calories. My saving grace is that I allow myself to eat whatever I want on the weekends. Obviously this sometimes slows things down but I have found that the things I crave now aren’t necessarily going to break the bank anyway. I’m not eating entire pizzas or anything. I’m on my last five pounds and it’s definitely getting harder. I’m losing more like a half a pound…

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