Can We Stop the Clock? The Connection between Aging, Longevity, and Health

Can We Stop the Clock? The Connection between Aging, Longevity, and Health

Here is a secret about aging almost no one in mainstream health circles talks about: 

Aging isn’t unavoidable. You can grow older healthfully. 

This piece of information might raise more questions and eyebrows than it gives you answers. You might be thinking: 

Does that mean we can stay young forever? I don’t buy it. 

But so many illnesses arise in old age. Can that really be stopped?

I know we can’t stop the clock. So, what do you mean by “aging”?

We completely get that questions about aging are accented by doubt and confusion. Staying healthy as we grow older is not an easy puzzle to solve.   

No, we’re not going to try to sell you a miracle formula that promises access to the fountain of youth. 

While billions of dollars have been invested into designing and building technology to help stop, and even reverse aging, we mustn’t forget that this technology has only been able to come about after billions of dollars were invested (and continue to be invested) into research about the science of aging. 

While some of that truth may lead to the development of a product that promises to make your wrinkles disappear, most of it gives us insight about how our lifestyle choices can impact the speed at which our body’s cells age. 

Aging can be slowed down significantly and even reversed. 

Why the Big Secret?

Much of the world is convinced that aging is unavoidable and will surely lead to illness. We’ve come to accept that aging equates to disease, but…

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