Lose Weight & Anxiety All Week

Lose Weight & Anxiety All Week

Do you suffer from Sunday night insomnia? That’s the tossing and turning roughly 60 percent of people who responded to a sleep survey do on their typical “day of rest.” This is mainly caused by Sunday anxiety for the week ahead.

Sunday anxiety and lack of sleep can set you up for a really bad diet day.

Studies have found that lack of sleep can make you hungry—and not for a big salad. People were found to crave unhealthy fatty and sugary snacks when tired. Worse, their ability to resist them was also impaired.

The solution to Sunday anxiety? Be prepared. If you use your Sunday to plan for the week ahead, you can reduce some of that anxiety. A survey by a noted stress management psychologist found that planning ahead was the most effective strategy for minimizing stress.

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Here are a few things you can do to beat Sunday anxiety and lose weight all week:

1. Prep that menu.

Having ready-to-eat meals in the freezer or fridge can ease some of the high anxiety that you feel when you have to stay late at the office, chauffeur three kids to six different events or take care of an elderly loved one. You know that not having something on hand when you’re starving will make the drive-through window start calling to you.

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