The 5 Rules of Training – Science of Running

The 5 Rules of Training – Science of Running

Rule #1: The boring stuff is your foundation

We have a temptation to want to skip to the ‘cool, sexy’ stuff. It’s boring to do endless easy runs or to spend hours working on the starting position in the sprints. But the ‘boring’ work serves as our foundation. We need to have a firm understanding of the basics before we move on to the next step. And once we have moved on, we need to continually go back to the basics to make sure that they are ingrained. In my pet theory of connection, the key to cementing and understanding is connecting ideas. If we can’t connect a concept or training stimulus to anything, then its impact is negligible. Think back to why you didn’t like reading the assigned English classics or the boring ancient history textbook in High School. Or even when you began to try to figure out coaching and none of the textbooks made sense and you had to grind through explanations of the Krebs cycle. There was nothing to connect it to. The boring stuff serves the foundation for connection. The larger and widespread base of ‘boring’ work we have, the greater impact the specific ‘sexy’ work has. Even though it might be the most appealing to do, the basic work is a necessity.

What does this mean? The simple work we all do, easy running, high-end aerobic work, strides, and speed development all serve as the foundation we need to build off of. It might not seem as cool todo 6x60m acceleration or a 14-mile long run when we could do…

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