Inspiring Stories of What We Accomplish—Even #WhileBleeding


Amazing women are all around us. We gathered six of them to hear their stories about their pain and struggles, but more importantly, get to know them and see how they’ve managed to overcome those obstacles. They are strong, accomplished and brave, especially #WhileBleeding, and they are just who we need to hear from for inspiration!

Annie Tagoe

“We train four times a week. There are 11 people in the group—two girls and nine boys. They do not understand anything about periods. Even my coach, he doesn’t get it.”

As an athlete for the British national team, Annie is used to having to push her body to its limits. She frequently experiences pain while menstruating, including lower back pain, cramps, and migraines. Yet, because she is an athlete she doesn’t take any medication for her symptoms. She believes that her carry on attitude has let her channel her strength to overcome, even #whilebleeding. 


“If I came on my period, I would probably have to [go] home. If I was out, there is a high chance that I would feel so unwell I wouldn’t be able to stand.”

Her period pain was always severe, and after years of suffering, a doctor finally suggested she get a laparoscopy—a procedure where a small camera is inserted through the abdominal wall to view the organs. Her diagnosis of endometriosis meant some of her life…

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