Coronavirus + Earthquake = What Was In My Emergency Bag?


Our “stay home” self-isolation plans were knocked off the rocker when a 5.5 magnitude earthquake rocked Zagreb early Sunday morning. To give you an idea of how unlikely an earthquake of that size is to hit a place like this, it’s been 140 years since the last one. Let’s not forget about the country-wide mandated lockdown that was going on at the same time.

As a California native, this wasn’t my first earthquake rodeo, but those around me were scared. And that’s an understatement. Many were left wondering what was going on, if they had drank one glass of wine too many last night, and for the first time in recent events, were forced to get the f*ck outside.

Long story short, there were a total of 73 earthquakes in the following two days (a dozen of which were above a 3.0 and let’s just say buildings here aren’t designed for this). So, being the anal and overprepared woman that I am, I packed an emergency bag with as many essentials as I could think of and left it by the door. 

You never know what life’s about to bring you, even in times like these, so I wanted to share what was in my bag. 

(I packed this in case I’d have to go stay with a friend for a few days or get out of town.)

Important Documents and Cash

I put together a folder of my birth certificate, passport and my checkbook. After the first aftershock, I ran over to the nearest ATM and withdrew $200 worth of cash. I figured this was enough for a taxi ride to get me out of town if I needed to leave….

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