The Pros And Cons Of The Keto Diet, According To Doctors And Nutritionists

The Pros And Cons Of The Keto Diet, According To Doctors And Nutritionists

No doubt you’ve already heard about the ketogenic diet, also known as keto. Whole Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts are dedicated to the trend, and it has some pretty famous followers, including Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian.

Before you give it a go, you’ll want to know what it involves, how it works and, most importantly, what nutritionists and doctors think about the keto diet.

So what IS keto, anyway?

The keto diet is a very low- or no-carb food plan that forces the body into a state of ketosis, which is when your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Many keto diets limit the amount of food you should eat, like any other weight-loss plan, but with keto the type of food you can eat is just as important as the quantity.

So what can you eat on the keto diet? Get ready to feast on fish, other seafood, low-carb vegetables (forget potatoes or carrots), cheese, meat, poultry, eggs, plain yogurt, and of course fats. The foods you’ll be forgoing include fruits, grains (including bread and pasta), legumes and anything with added sugar.

On a standard ketogenic diet, your calories should be made up of 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrate. This is unlike most typical American diets, and can be a hard adjustment for many people.

The good news: Keto can be an effective tool for losing weight when monitored by a doctor.

Though the keto diet can be hard to stick to, it has been shown to result in weight loss, at least in the short…

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