Should You Try Intermittent Fasting While Doing Long Term Keto?

Should You Try Intermittent Fasting While Doing Long Term Keto?

You’ve been keto for a few months now (or longer). You know what you’re doing. You feel good about where you are. You’re fat-adapted. You’ve got a slew of recipes under your belt, your gym performance has normalized, the keto-flu is a distant memory. And now, you’re looking to explore further. The natural next step is intermittent fasting.

But is it the right move?

Does intermittent fasting work if you’re keto?

The short answer is: Yes. Intermittent fasting works really, really well if you’re on a ketogenic diet.


Keto smoothes the fasting transition

One way is that being keto makes the transition into fasting smoother and easier.

Fasting shifts you into fat-burning mode. You have no exogenous food coming in, and your only source of energy is the fat that sits on your frame. Anyone who fasts, whether they’re coming from a high-fat diet or a high-carb diet, will end up burning fat.

Keto is fat-burning mode. You have very little dietary carbohydrate coming in, and your body must deal with the “glucose deficiency” by converting fat into ketone bodies—an alternative fuel source that can power many of the same tissues that normally run on glucose.

Long-term keto is even better for fasting. Since you’ve taken the time to get truly fat-adapted, you’ve built the metabolic machinery—the actual mitochondria, the power plants of your individual cells that convert nutrients into ATP—necessary to burn free fatty acids directly. Your reliance on actual ketones goes down,…

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