Lost Access to Your Gym? Don’t Panic!


Even in the best of times, life can get messy, and our best-laid plans and routines can unexpectedly fly out the window. For many of us, our fitness routines are a cornerstone of our lives, and the gym is our happy place. When life throws you a curveball and takes away access to your gym, it’s easy for fears of losing the gains you’ve worked so hard for to creep in. But here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way if you approach working out at home with the right strategy and support.

During stressful times, maintaining your fitness routine is more important than ever.

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Keep Calm — and Keep Working Out

Losing access to your gym doesn’t have to mean losing your routine — or your fitness. During stressful times, maintaining both is actually more important than ever. “Exercise can make you feel more empowered and confident,” says Future elite coach Elisha Voren. “Feeling strong and empowered can help you handle life’s obstacles.”

Consistency is the key to gaining and maintaining fitness, whether you’re working out in the gym or not, and keeping up with a regular routine can be one of the best ways to support yourself both physically and mentally. This is especially true when stress levels are running high. “Our bodies like having a regular schedule,” says Renee Zernicke, also a coach with Future. “This consistency helps with releasing calming hormones before bed and stimulating hormones to help you wake…

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