How Do I Stop Overeating To Lose Weight?

How Do I Stop Overeating To Lose Weight?

Hunger. We’ve all felt it. An emptiness and gnawing feeling that just won’t go away. As if our stomach is turning in on itself. Hunger, in this context, is defined as a physically uncomfortable sensation. This uncomfortable sensation actually exists biologically to create a motivational state that is essential for our survival. Because without enough food, we all would eventually cease to exist. But humans have evolved into far more complex beings than this original hunger signal, and our drive to eat has become confused. Often this causes overeating. Let’s unpack this!

Your hunger drive

As clever creatures as humans are, we don’t always decipher and act on signals correctly. Often, we mix up any uncomfortable signal as hunger.  Our ‘drive’ to eat therefore becomes more than just a physical sensation of a churning stomach. Our ‘drive’ is also based upon this complex mix of pleasure-seeking, hormones, sensory cues and much more. We refer to this ‘drive’ as Appetite and the science is much more involved than you may think.

Why do I need to know about hunger? 

By understanding appetite and why you eat, you can better address non-hunger eating. You can learn to interpret true hunger cues, manage your appetite and overeating, nourish your body and create the healthiest version of you.

 So, let’s look at 2 simple ways the brain affects our appetite cues.

The brain is our metabolism control centre, creating the NEED for food!

Like so many…

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