Free Printables To Help You

Free Printables To Help You

Having a food plan can help you be smarter about grocery shopping and feel more prepared. Here are five free printables to help!

There’s a lot of uncertainty around food right now: what’s available, where to get it, and how much to buy.

There are also worries around money, with a lot of people tightening their budgets and making every purchase count.

Whether you’re a meal planning pro or someone who figures out dinner on the fly at 6pm, it makes sense right now to have some kind of food plan. I want to help you!

I’ve bundled some free printables to help you navigate this time. They’ll help you take inventories of what you already have, sketch out meals you can make with what you have now, and figure out what else you need. (You might also like: The Best Way to Organize a Chest Freezer on the Cheap and How to Organize a Bottom Freezer)

What’s in the free bundle:

  • Freezer Inventory sheet
  • Pantry Inventory sheet
  • Refrigerator Inventory sheet
  • Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Weekly Meal Plan + Grocery List template

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If you need some recipe ideas for pantry staples, here are some of our favorites:

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