Carnivore Quiche – Maria Mind Body Health

Carnivore Quiche - Maria Mind Body Health

The Carnivore Diet has been changing lives! I get testimony after testimony on how the Carnivore diet is helping people finally heal!

Check out this testimony from the very famous Joe Rogan:

The Carnivore Diet somewhat started after we adopted Micah and Kai. Life was so busy juggling a baby, a toddler and work. Carnivore simplified my life! Plus, my boys didn’t like vegetables. I thought they needed to eat them, so Craig and I started to research the most nutrient dense foods. GUESS WHAT? It is not veggies with the most nutrients, it is BEEF and ORGAN Meat! My boys LOVE bologna, hot dogs and sausages, we just make sure to get organic products from US Wellness Meats which makes the most delicious Tomahawk Ribeyes, bologna and hot dogs without sugar and even braunschweiger without sugar! Click HERE to check it out!

We were also desperate to find something that would help Craig with the pain he has from Lyme. Nothing was working and he tried everything! Once he eliminated all plants and the anti-nutrients (like oxalates) that came with them, which can cause pain, his pain was greatly reduced! A low oxalate food plan was essential to having my husband back. No one seems to understand how Lyme has changed his life and eating Carnivore has finally provided relief.

Carnivore is a great option for anyone who has any chronic disease or issue like autoimmune, mood issues like bipolar, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fibro, Lyme, or other chronic issue that have seen some…

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