Photos & Interview – Fitness Gurls Magazine

Photos & Interview – Fitness Gurls Magazine

Mariah May is one of the best new up-and-comers in the wrestling scene today. Her beauty and athleticism make her a talent we will be watching for years to come. It’s only time when you will see her in a WWE, NXT or AEW ring. We sit down with one of the hottest women in wrestling, Mariah May.

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It’s not an easy task to decide on career options at a crucial time in one’s life. What was it about wrestling among other professions that made you want to pursue it as relentlessly as you did?

When I was finishing school it felt like crunch time, I had to make a decision on my future and quite frankly I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think wrestling was an option, I loved it so much but it felt like a dream rather than a plausible choice. I spent some time working in theatre but a part of me ached for more, not following my heart was making me miserable. So I finally did the brave thing, started training at wrestling school and never looked back. 

When you have a presence such as yours on social media there’s bound to be a lot of reactions, and not all of them positive. How do you navigate that part of social media?

Negativity in social media is difficult to deal with at first. I remember the first time I was getting abused online and it really hurt me, now it’s such a broken telephone it doesn’t affect me at all. I developed a thick skin early on and now I mostly laugh at some of the crazy…

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