How to Make Better Coffee While Working from Home According to a Barista

How to Make Better Coffee While Working from Home According to a Barista

Best Home Coffee Gear to Get Started

Now that you know the importance of these basic fundamentals, you’re ready to start brewing barista-level cups at home. Apply the knowledge you learned on weight, water, grind, and freshness to your current brewing method and taste the difference; or upgrade your home kit with these picks:

Coffee Brewers


Aeropress coffee maker

Goran Ivos

Invented in the early 2000s, this popular brewing device makes a range of styles, such as espresso-like brewed coffee, drip coffee, cold brew, and many more. With the thousands of AeroPress recipes available online, this affordable device is a useful and versatile choice.

Good for: Espresso-like drinks at home on a budget like Americanos or lattes.

Pick one up: Amazon / Wal-Mart


Chemex coffee brewer

Najib Khalil

One of the most iconic ways of making pour over coffee is the Chemex. It was invented in the 1940’s by an American chemist named Peter Schlumbohm. It was during a time when a majority of American households drank burnt percolator coffee. Schlumbohm wanted to create a simple brewing method that didn’t require any extra accessories. With the Chemex, you have your serving carafe and cone dripper all in one piece.

A favorite by both young baristas and baby boomers, this iconic kitchen appliance has made its name across all ages. This pour over is unique among all others due to its thick filter that absorbs and filters a majority of the oils, leaving you with one of the cleanest-tasting cups of coffee.

Good for: Replacing a drip…

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