33 Easy & Healthy Eggless Cookie Recipes

The BEST EVER healthy eggless vegan cookie recipes! Including 1-bowl chocolate chip cookies & healthy homemade Thin Mints!

A list of the BEST EVER healthy eggless cookie recipes! They all taste amazing, and nobody can ever tell they’re egg-free! Most of them are dairy-free with no refined flour or sugar either. And they’re all under 120 calories!


During college, I decided to go on a vegan diet for a couple of months, just as a way to challenge myself to try cooking and baking new foods. In preparation, I purchased a vegan cookbook, researched lots of recipes and tips online, and stopped by a health-oriented grocery store in town to buy lots of plant-based products for my pantry and fridge.

Within a week, I realized… It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought! I figured out a delicious way to cook tofu, learned I loved seitan (aka “wheat meat!”), and quickly became really comfortable converting my previous favorite baking recipes to be entirely vegan with simple non-dairy swaps for butter, milk, and yogurt.

Surprisingly enough, even the eggs in my old baking recipes weren’t too hard to substitute! Sometimes, I got away with simply using a few tablespoons of milk instead, and other times, I used a shelf-stable flavorless powder called Ener-G, one of the best vegan egg alternatives I’ve ever found.

Although my vegan diet didn’t last too long (we went on a family vacation to France that summer, and I didn’t want to miss out on all of their gourmet pastries, cheeses, or quiches!), it came in really handy just a year or two later…

When my brother developed an egg…

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