Top 10 Leg workouts that can be done at Home: HealthifyMe Blog

Top 10 Leg workouts that can be done at Home: HealthifyMe Blog

It is not an absolute necessity to attend the gym in order to effectively work the muscles of the legs and bring about significant changes in strength and fitness.
One of the most practical pieces of resistance that you have access to is your own bodyweight. The best part about bodyweight training is that workout can literally be performed anywhere with no need for additional equipment.
This article will provide 10 different leg workouts that can be performed at home to develop fitness and improve the strength and function of the glutes, hamstrings, quads, adductors, abductors, and calves.

Table of Contents

10 home-based Leg Workouts

This section will break down the technique for each of the exercises that are used in the 10 workouts below to allow you to exercise safely and effectively.

1. Squats

– Start by placing the feet slightly wider than hip-width and turn the toes out
– Before initiating the squat, lift the chest, pull the shoulder blades back and down and engage the core muscles
– Drop the body down through the hinging the hips and bending the knees
– Drive powerfully through the heels to propel the body back up to standing

2. Squat Jumps

– Assume the same starting position as a conventional squat
– Drop into the squat and then quickly and powerfully drive up into a jump
– Aim to get as much height as you possibly can
– Focus on a soft landing and use the force generated from the landing…

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