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March Favorites

Not sure “favorite” and “March 2020” necessarily belong in the same sentence. First and foremost, I hope you and your families are all safe, healthy, and weathering this craziness as best you can. Posts like this feel a little silly given the state of the world, but focusing on positives—regardless of how small and trivial—is never a bad thing.

Favorite Products

Small Home Fitness Equipment

Home Fitness Equipment Recommendations

I made a page linking to all the fitness equipment I use for at-home workouts (resistance bands, dumbbells, sliders, etc.). So if you’re looking for recommendations, check that out. Amazon is selling out of a lot of fitness gear now that we’re all forced to work out from home, but I did my best to only link to products still in stock.

Favorite Workouts

IG Live Workouts

March Favorites - IG Live Workouts

Not only have I loved going live myself, but I’m so grateful for all the fitness instructors hosting classes on Instagram! If you want to join me for a workout, I’m going live on Instagram every Thursday morning at 7:30AM (EST) with an apartment-friendly (no jumping) workout.

I also want to share a couple other instructors whose IG Live classes I’ve been loving:

  • @karaduvalpilates – I love Kara’s Pilates classes! She also teaches a class called The Foundation, which is her take on functional bodyweight training. Highly recommend both.
  • @bootybybrabants – If you’ve never taken one of Kelly’s classes in Boston, now is your chance! Think dance cardio…

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