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In times of quarantine, isolation, social distancing and lockdowns, Luise and I found ourselves talking about if there was something we could do to bring us all a little closer together. There are many positive and creative things happening on social media at the moment – home concerts, gym classes and education initiatives – and one very simple thing we realized we could do is gathering around a meal. So let’s cook together this weekend!

Our idea is that we will cook this Cauli “Fish” & Chips recipe tomorrow (Saturday 28 March) afternoon and invite you to do the same. We will share step by step photos and videos on my instagram story, perhaps with some help from the kids if they play along. I’ll post a question box on one of the stories where we can answer your questions about the recipe and also chat about high and low. And if you tag us in your cooking photos, we will share them (maybe we could also post them on here later?). The thesis is that we will all feel a little more connected knowing that we are sharing the same dinner this weekend. Is it a corny idea? Fun?! Let us know what you think in a comment. Or if you have any questions that we should answer tomorrow. We don’t know exactly how and if this will work. Worst case we will be the only ones cooking this tomorrow. But then at least we have made dinner 🙂
It would be easier to cook it as an instagram live broadcast but I honestly find that a little too scary. And I can’t even imagine all the…

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