The Complete Guide to the Pros and Cons of the Running Streak

running streak

A running streak can be a useful, fun, and challenging way to meet more of your running goals. But is a run streak for every runner?

In this article, I want to go into depth on running streaks and answer a series of fundamental questions:

  • What is a running streak?
  • Is this type of challenge right for any runner?
  • What are its main benefits?
  • Do run streaks have drawbacks?
  • How can we optimally structure a run streak?

First, let’s get our terminology right. What in the world is a running streak anyway?

At its most simplest, a running streak is when you run every day without fail. That string of consecutive running days is your streak.

Many runners establish a certain timeframe for their streak. So, for example, they might set a goal of running every day for 10 days, 30 days, or even an entire year!

While that sounds intimidating, let’s remember that a run streak is a type of challenge. It’s not training to run a certain time in a race distance. And that means the types of runs we can do during a running streak are very different than what we’d normally do during training.

The biggest difference is that most runners set a minimum distance of one-mile to count as an official run. This makes run streaking far more manageable than if you needed a more substantial run every day.

Even if you’re fatigued, sore, or just not interested in running, a single mile is usually doable!

But before you ever attempt a streak, let’s first understand the type of runner best…

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