Fasted Running vs Non-Fasted Running: When to Eat Before a Workout?

Fasted Running vs Non-Fasted Running: When to Eat Before a Workout?

Running for weight loss shouldn’t be a subject that I steer clear of here on RunToTheFinish because it’s certainly a big part of the reason I lost 35lbs and have kept it off so easily.

It’s just that as the weight dropped, running became so much more than calories.

I always want to be promoting the bigger picture in running…it will change your life. BUT let’s be honest, the weight loss is what gets a lot of us in the door right? It’s why we lace up that first time and then the second time even though the first time was awful.

So if you’re looking for that, here’s my complete guide to running for weight loss.

One of the areas I didn’t discuss at that time has become a massive topic thanks to things like intermittent fasting, macros, keto, etc: Is fasted cardio the best way to lose body fat?

Pro’s and Cons’ of Fasted Running

The answer is like most things…complicated. Let’s try to break it down in the simplest way so you can decide what’s right for you.

Should you eat before running? Sometimes.

Sounds ambiguous, so let’s breakdown why you might choose to run without eating first and what you’re gaining or losing by dong so.

Fasted Running

Since fasted cardio is one of the favorite tools that body builders throw out how to shred fat, let’s find out if that’s true.

What is fasted cardio? Fasted workouts mean working out in a glycogen depleted state. Most often this means you’re working out in the morning without eating breakfast, but for…

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