How Dogs Provide Vital Help to Veterans

How Dogs Provide Vital Help to Veterans

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How Dogs Provide Vital Help to Veterans

Men’s Health
Network (MHN) has a long history of supporting the physical and mental health
needs of our veteran populations. In fact, MHN – in collaboration with the
Congressional Men’s Health Caucus – hosted a briefing on “Veterans and Active
Military: Mental Health and Suicide Issues,” which had the objective of highlighting
troubling issues that affect post-war veterans. Among these issues were the
unusually high rate of suicide among our nation’s veterans, lack of adequate
mental health resources, and highlighting room for improvement in our current

More than 20
veterans and active-duty military service members commit suicide every day in
the United States. MHN applauds those that are working to address this tragedy
and provide our military men and women the mental health care they need to lead
vigorous, productive, and fruitful lives. We further recognize organization
efforts that seek to assist in this advancement.

One such
organization is Canines Providing Assistance to Wounded Warriors® (C-P.A.W.W. ®), which seeks to provide crucial
support to our veteran population. C-P.A.W.W. offers the palliative effects of
animal-assisted interventions, and clearly demonstrates the lifesaving impact
canines can have on the lives of veterans…

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