3 Things to Focus on to Make The Biggest Impact On Improving Your Wellbeing

3 Things to Focus on to Make The Biggest Impact On Improving Your Wellbeing

With new health and wellness trends popping up every month, it can be overwhelming to know where to start to make the biggest impact on your wellbeing. 

Should you take supplements or learn how to meditate? Should you get acupuncture or follow this specific plan? Should you juice this certain combination of vegetables or get cryotherapy?

And then all of this confusion and overwhelm can cause you to jump from one thing to the next without ever fully making these things a habit or to not take any action at all — neither of which support you in creating a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. 

But there are 3 things you should start with that will make the biggest impact on the way you feel every day — and I’m going to share them and exactly what you should focus on in this video!

The three areas you need to focus on first are the ones that are most impactful to our daily lives: eating well, moving consistently, and sleeping enough — and in just a minute, I’m going to dive deeper into more specifically what your focus should be on within those areas.

But first, I want to give you a little insight into why it’s important to build healthy practices within these areas first. 

These areas provide the foundation for all of the other areas of our lives. 

For example, if you’re not nourishing yourself well, you might feel low on energy in the afternoon, right when it’s time to pick up your kids. Or if…

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