Bikini Photos & Interview – Fitness Gurls Magazine

Bikini Photos & Interview – Fitness Gurls Magazine

Holly Sonders, FOX Sports host, is one of the most beautiful women on TV. Holly Sonders has a physique that is both curvy and fit, her body looks phenomenal in practically anything she puts on. We sat down with the internet sensation and TV host to see what she’s been up to. #StaySafe

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You’re most definitely one of the most beautiful and fit women in the world of sports, social media and fitness right now. Surely maintaining your physique must require a lot of discipline. Could you tell us how you maintain what we believe to be one of the best physiques in the world today?

It all starts and ends with my diet. Even for breakfast I eat grilled chicken and limit carbs. I workout 90 mins a day about 4-5 times a week but my body changes are most visible when I’ve been consistent with the foods I put in my body.  It’s really boring and I would much rather have Dairy Queen but it’s not gonna look very good in a bikini.

With your background in sports, your journey in journalism and how you bounced back from your injury, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come and how many people adore you. How would you reflect on your journey so far?

I look back on the past decade and I’m just like… wow. NBC/Golf Channel hired me at age 21. I was a kid doing 30-second updates on their new morning show. Three years later I had 3 of my own shows on NBC… and then FOX offered me a big contract…

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