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ULTIMATE Best Ever Easy Healthy Whole Wheat Soft Chewy Classic Snickerdoodles

Learn how to make the absolute best ever healthy snickerdoodle cookies from scratch! They’re soft, chewy, and deliciously sweet with cozy cinnamon flavor filling every bite. These snickerdoodles are also easy to make (you just need two bowls and a fork!) and 84 calories!


A quick note before we begin… I learned a LOT about the science of snickerdoodles when developing this recipe, so this post is longer than usual. I hope you enjoy nerdy kitchen chemistry as much as I do! But if your snickerdoodle cravings are out of control and you just need to make and eat cookies ASAP, you can scroll past all of my tips to get straight to the recipe — I’m not offended one bit!

The night of my first full day in Mexico for a close friend’s wedding in December, I ended up with a major craving for cookies. Although the restaurant we were dining at only offered popsicles for desserts, one of the groomsmen mentioned that he had cookies back at the hotel that he’d be happy to share with me. Excitedly, I agreed to find him in the lobby after our shuttle ride back from town.

Yet when we arrived back at the hotel, I didn’t see him anywhere… So I headed up to my room, ate some of the dark chocolate stashed in my purse, and figured that I’d snag a cookie the next day — or that the wedding cake the following evening would satisfy my sweet tooth!

ULTIMATE Best Easy Healthy Gluten Free Vegan Low Fat Chewy Snickerdoodles

At the reception the next night, I waved hello to the same groomsman, laughing as his eyes widened… He proceeded to…

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