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Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get creative in the kitchen! This creamy Cavatelli and Broccoli feels totally fresh, but it uses pantry and freezer ingredients like dry pasta, white beans, and broccoli (you can use frozen broccoli here too!).

If you’re feeling down and stuck in a recipe rut (pasta again?), this healthy, creamy pasta is going to give you a new way to enjoy ingredients that you’ve likely become intimately acquainted with over the last week—I’m looking at you, dry pasta and canned beans.

The big difference with this cavatelli and broccoli recipe is how it uses the ingredients. Think of it as an attitude adjustment, turned delicious, comforting dinner.

The difference maker with this broccoli pasta recipe is oven roasting, not only of the vegetables but of the beans too!

An easy and tasty pasta recipe with vegetables on a plate

Roasted vegetables are crispy on the outside, caramelized and tender on the inside, and offer an all-around superior flavor compared to most sautéed or steamed vegetables. The recipe is written for roasting fresh broccoli, but you can easily swap it for Roasted Frozen Broccoli (see below for tips) or any other roasted vegetable you prefer or have on hand.

Roasting the white beans on the pan alongside the vegetables does the recipe one better. I’ve made crispy roasted chickpeas for years, so I started to wonder what would happen if I roasted regular white beans (like cannellini or great Northern) instead.


The beans become lightly crispy on the outside and stay creamy…

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