Holistic Nutritionists Share Their Clients Biggest Misconceptions

Holistic Nutritionists Share Their Clients Biggest Misconceptions

With the media, countless “medical” websites, and everyone self-diagnosing, there are a million misconceptions out there about nutrition, health, and weight loss.

Nutritionists hear about these falsehoods every day, and they can’t help but shake their heads at all the crazy stuff that people will believe. In this article, our goal is to debunk some of these theories and show you that nutrition and weight loss aren’t as hard as you think if you’re following the right formula. 

You need to detox all the time. 

One of the biggest crazes right now is detoxing. You’ve got detox drinks, coffee, soda, teas, juices, and more. Registered dietician nutritionist Stacie Ellis explains that the body already detoxes itself using the kidneys and skin.

Part of the reason why people feel like cleanses and detoxes work so well is that they physically feel better as a result of the detox; it has nothing to do with their consumption of the drink. 

Anyone who claims to experience results from consuming a detox beverage has likely made other changes in their life that contribute to that success. 

Detoxing is okay as long as it is not occurring in excess or attempting to replace other vitamins and nutrients you need. 

Carbs make you gain weight. 

Ellis says that not all carbs are bad. She says that different combinations of increased protein, carbs, and fats can lead to weight loss. Many have heard of the ketogenic diet, and a lot of the fats you consume on this diet are…

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