Sweet Spinach Pancakes – Super Healthy Kids

Sweet Spinach Pancakes - Super Healthy Kids

Naturally green Sweet Spinach Pancakes are quick and easy to make using whole grain flour, fresh baby greens, and other wholesome ingredients! Whip the batter up in your blender for a fun and colorful kid breakfast.

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Raise your hand if your kids LOVE spinach for breakfast?

Wait. Before you answer, mix up a batch of these Sweet Spinach Pancakes.

Because these deliciously fluffy, totally dye-free and whole grain pancakes can make a spinach-lover out of just about anyone!

Get your picky eaters on board with greens for breakfast with this fun and secretly nutritious recipe that’s easy to enjoy.

Why We Love Sweet Spinach Pancakes

These delicious pancakes have a LOT going for them! They are…

  • Made with super-nutritious ingredients like 100% whole wheat flour, whole milk, and fresh spinach
  • Super light, fluffy, and delicious. Your kids won’t detect the veggies inside (but you should tell them!)
  • They are FUN and colorful with no artificial dyes! Call them Froggy Pancakes, Hulk Pancakes, Grinch Pancakes, or Leprechaun Pancakes.
  • Easy to make. Your blender helps you whip up the batter in less than ten minutes.
  • Perfect for freezing. What’s better than having a ready-to-eat stash of yummy pancakes in your freezer?

How to Make Sweet Spinach Pancakes

These pancakes are so easy to make, thanks to the help of your blender! Just blend…

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