We speak to Kate Courtney

We speak to Kate Courtney

March 11, 2020

Sea Otter is one of the biggest cycling events in the world, and is the home event for one of MTB’s biggest stars: Scott SRAM’s Kate Courtney.

We caught up with her to talk to her about her plans for 2020, her home event and how she can stay in peak shape throughout a long year…

Garmin: You’re competing for a lot of the year, with key events and certain times, how do you manage your training to make sure you are in peak shape for the World Championships and Olympics?

KC: While there are always many races in a season, we make sure to set clear goals at the beginning of the year and structure my training around those key events. This year of course the Olympics are the primary focus and my training and racing will build towards having my best performance on that day. 

Garmin: We’ve seen on your Strava that you’ve been out on a road bike a lot this winter. How is road cycling affecting your MTB performance and training?

KC: I enjoy cross training on my road bike, particularly in winter when trails often need time to dry out. The road bike is a great option for long base mileage!

Garmin: You also do a lot of ym work; how does that help your riding and does the functionality on the watch support this?

KC: I use the Garmin Fenix 6S in the gym to help monitor the training load that my strength program adds. For me, strength training is a huge part of what prepares me for technical courses and the physical demands of World Cup racing. 


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