20 Brain Health Boosting Plant-Based Foods and Where to Find Them

20 Brain Health Boosting Plant-Based Foods and Where to Find Them

As a professional in the health, fitness, and nutrition industry, your role is to help your clients make decisions that will allow them to thrive.

Unfortunately, the desire to look great can often lead to an over-emphasis on the physical benefits of a healthy lifestyle. But making good choices like eating a clean, plant-based diet will do more than just make your clients’ physiques look good; it will also help their brains to function at their optimal state, and this, as much as anything, should be one of the main motivators behind striving to eat well. 

The following twenty foods can help your clients (and you!) feel and function optimally by reducing inflammation, protecting against brain disease, and improving memory and concentration.


We’ve all been taught the importance of eating your vegetables every day and for good reason. The benefits of a diet rich in veggies are many, including boosting your brain health.


A delicious food with a reputation for grossing out kids, broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables out there. One of the main ways that broccoli benefits your brain health is by functioning as an antioxidant. 

Antioxidants fight oxidation in the body, which is a chemical process that creates free radicals, a molecule that can damage cells and lead to illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Oxidative stress is also related to aging and symptoms such as memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive decline. In particular, broccoli is…

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